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The best vegan chocolate chip cookies

Over the holidays, aka Christmas.. I meant to write this post some time ago but work got the best of me! anyways, I really craved something sweet and to my surprise we had no chocolate besides chocolate chips! So, I decided to quickly whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies regardless if they were going to be crappy blobs or delicious cookies. I pulled out my Kitchen Aid Mixer and got to work. Mixing the ingredients. I was finding I didn’t have certain ingredients, so I improvised and made the best recipe! I promise!

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The Secret To Getting More Veggies On Your Plate!

As a vegan of 1.5 years I still consider myself new to the lifestyle. I am by no means a professional. I still struggle to know what veggies I should be eating daily. I 100% do NOT eat enough vegetables. One thing I will say is I am not a responsible nutritional vegan. I take my multivitamin & try to have a balanced day of veggies, fruit & protein

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↠ Vegan Pumpkin Bread

It was a gray skied day in July and the Fall bug hit me! Yes, in July.... No Shame! Although I am posting this now in September it was just in the list of things I wanted to hold off on posting so I didn't look like a fall crazed lunatic.. I had some Pumpkin Agave from David's Tea left from last year so I made myself a Decaf Pumpkin Spice Latte.  ☕ 

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↠ Vegan Mushroom Soup

With Fall right around the corner & the weather becoming more gloomy & the temperature dropping all we want is cozy sweaters, blankets, delicious warm baked good & of course comforting soups. Mushrooms have been one of my favourite ingredient items for the past couple of months. Fun Fact, I use to hate mushrooms! Since becoming Vegan. My whole food palate & taste buds have changed. At the beginning I had a hard time with certain food alternatives as I was having a hard time letting go of milk & yogurt. Now, I love anything almond or cashew based, or even coconut!

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↠ Quick & Easy Blueberry Lemon Croissants

Alright, I know mine don't quite look like croissants & more like scones but I did use Pillsbury Croissant rolls I'm just crap at rolling them! I wanted to make something delicious & something that would be quick. I think these will definitely be getting made again around Christmas. Especially with having an infant then it will be super easy peasy to quickly wrap & pop them in. 

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