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Plant Based Milk Alternatives for You & Your Little

Over the last year I have done research over and over again to find out what is the best plant based milk alternative that I can give me son to fit his nutritional needs. I am in numerous groups on Facebook where I see daily “What is the best whole fat dairy” they can give their little.. I refuse to give my son dairy because I for one am dairy intolerant & it’s against my beliefs. I am plant based but I am not a preacher by any means, you can look up & educate yourself else where because I am not here to step on toes! You can feed your little & yourself whatever you chose! I’m just simply sharing what works for us as a plant based family and to help those of you who would like to go the alternative route to feeding your little cow’s milk products.

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The Secret To Getting More Veggies On Your Plate!

As a vegan of 1.5 years I still consider myself new to the lifestyle. I am by no means a professional. I still struggle to know what veggies I should be eating daily. I 100% do NOT eat enough vegetables. One thing I will say is I am not a responsible nutritional vegan. I take my multivitamin & try to have a balanced day of veggies, fruit & protein

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